Tuesday, February 18, 2020

How to download Movies on Telegram

How to download Movies in Telegram in just 10 Easy Simple Steps!!!!!

Now a days downloading of Movies have become quite difficult , as they come with lots of ads and spams, which ultimately can harm your device. There are many of you who wants to download movies free, hundred and thousands of people searches on google , like how to download movies, how to download latest movies free , how to watch latest movies free etc. etc.

Trust its Very Very simple..!!!

Today i am going to show you one simple trick through which you will able to download, any Movies very easily in just one click.

1- First thing you have to do is download one application from play store which is TELEGRAM            Application
2- Just Register yourself with name , phone number etc just like any-other chatting application [Remember its a chatting app but way better than whats app 😜]

3-  Once you have downloaded the app, open the app and you will see  there will be search option on the top right corner. [As shown in the  Screen below of my telegram application ]
I have put the red arrow , pointing to search option.

4 - Now Search for any movie channel you know, like for eg for my movie channel you can type Cinemaonthego [below is the screen]

As you see above i typed my movie channel and results related to that keywords came down.

5 - Now click on the channel and press the join button which is in the bottom. Here you will notice       there will be  lots of movies with there details mention in it. like size, print quality, cast etc etc.

6 - You will see an arrow in a blue circle on the movie link, click on that arrow.[see the screen below]

Down Arrow button besides movie name

7 - Press the Down arrow button and your movie will start downloading, the arrow which you will press will start rotating and will become big slowly [below is the screen]

As you see it has started downloading, wait till circle completes

8 - Once the rotating circle completes, it will be seen something like this.

As you see the malang movie is complete now, just press and enjoy the movie

9-  Now You movie is complete, just press the movie name and it will open your phone player , in which player you want to see[screen is below]

10 - You can also press on the three dots which is besides the movie name and save the movie to your gallery [Below is the screen] once you save the download it will seen in your phone gallery, or else the  movie will be stored in your phone storage, just  then go into the documents section of Telegram folder in your phone storage.

Hope you have liked and understood my blog on telegram. Please comment below if anything is not understood. Like Share Comment.  Ans please please DOWNLOAD MY TELEGRAM CHANNEL to enjoy latest movies.

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